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HiViz LED Lighting’s First Responder’s Podcast is Almost Here!

Hello, friends!

For months now, our team at HiViz LED Lighting has been holed up, working our little tails off to bring this podcast to you. 

Here is a little peek at what's it like on the set of making a podcast most days:

A Day in the Life Working at an Emergency Vehicle Lighting Company for First Responders

Sam is really in his element when he's free to be his goofy, creative self in the studio and despite what it may look like, it's awesome to be around. Witnessing someone be so totally and completely free is an experience in and of itself, not to mention the pure joy that comes with immersing yourself in that level of silliness. It is physically impossible for these little moments not to fill your insides with warmth (for anyone that wishes to challenge this assertion, let it be known that I will die on this hill). 

Some of our best ideas (and funniest content) stem from the freedom and the laughter. These moments also cause seriously way too much discussion about hot dogs and burping, but that's a story for another day. 

The Journey Making a HiViz LED Lighting & FireTech Podcast

This is the first project that the HiViz LED Lighting/FireTech marketing department has solely owned and brought to fruition from start to finish as a team.

We created the branding and built a website (this one!!); we designed new studio sets, brought in new equipment, and organized a mobile podcasting kit with a virtual studio for the guests that couldn't come to us; we scoured the internet for other first responder-owned businesses, conducted pre-interviews, put together storyboards and research docs to prep Sam for interviews; we read books on how to be great interviewers, and coordinated many scheduling and travel logistics; and lastly, we learned how to distribute this podcast to you all, and edited until our brains melted to create social media assets and the completed video and audio episodes for you to enjoy. 

An unsurprising yet unexpected bonus after hearing 20 passionate founder stories: a podcast contact-high that makes us feel like the whole world is at our fingertips. 

Join Me for a Little Tour of our HiViz LED Lighting & FireTech Team

This is Marina Hunter, our badass Graphic Designer. Her husband is a sheriff’s deputy in our area, so the first responder world is near and dear to her heart.


The logo behind her is a slightly older version than what it has evolved into now, but all the branding you see for the show and HiViz LED Lighting is thanks to Marina.

Also known as Little Miss Sunshine according to her 2022 award at the HiViz LED Lighting holiday party, Marina has an infectious joy about her. This talented woman also knows enough about our tech at HiViz LED Lighting that she could double as a product manager.

During each episode, you can find her in the control room next to Spencer soaking up creative juices for whatever project she is working on. She keeps requesting a bean bag chair for shooting and one of these days we'll make it happen.

Meet Spencer Carter, the man behind the camera, our Videographer aka class clown. He also takes incredible photos of western North Carolina (where we all live) in his free time. 

Photo Jun 30 2022, 11 17 46 AM

If you've watched a video on any of our platforms, it was likely shot and edited by Spencer. He's a perfectionist who is fueled by mountain biking and sugar (if you want to get on his good side, give him ice cream).

Spencer typically spends his pre-podcast evenings drawing welcome messages on his white-board for every in-studio guest (they've evolved in complexity as the show has gone on) and has incredibly strong opinions on food despite his preference for plain chicken, plain rice, plain pasta, and sugar in any form (except for white chocolate, gross).

If you've made it this far - this is me, Chelsea Lassen, Marketing Director for HiViz LED Lighting. 

Podcast BTS -1-1

You can find me in the background, pulling the strings and documenting the process. 

When we're filming, I sit in the green room sipping a latte, capturing BTS, joking with Marina and Spencer in a private Slack channel, and making sure we don't forget to cover anything important from each guest's story.


If you're curious to know more about Sam Massa, our host of the show... well, you're just going to have to wait for the first episode (or two 😉). 

And now: the official 24/48 trailer! First full episode drops this Monday! 


Until next time,


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